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OPAL (online- based platform for academical teachings and learning at universities/ colleges of Saxony) is a centrally used strategic learning-platform of the TU Dresden.

Für Dozenten/Mitarbeiter:
OPAL-Kompakt (2.33MB)
OPAL-Handbuch für Autoren
OPAL-Schulungen für Autoren

Application for authoring-rights

You want to draw up a new course at the learning-platform OPAL?
Then you need to have authoring-rights for OPAL.

As lecturer or staff member (whether you are a research assistant, a technical assistant or a student assistant) at the TU Dresden it is possible to apply informally for authoring-rights.

Assumption: You have to sign-in with your registration for the login and you have to accept the terms of use for the learning-platform OPAL.

Please send an e-mail from your mail account of the TU-Dresden (first name.last name@tu-dresden.de) to elearning@tu-dresden.de and state your department or your institution:

You want to change existing courses and/ or learning-resources (of colleagues) or add something?

Therefore, you have two options within OPAL:

In both cases, please contact the particular owner/ author of the respective course/ learning-resource (see page of details  > author).