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OPAL (online- based platform for academical teachings and learning at universities/ colleges of Saxony) is a centrally used strategic learning-platform of the TU Dresden.

Für Dozenten/Mitarbeiter:
OPAL-Kompakt (2.33MB)
OPAL-Handbuch für Autoren
OPAL-Schulungen für Autoren

Registration with a login of the TU Dresden

The three fundamentals of e-learning at the TU Dresden

3 advantages of e-learning (and many more)

1. Possibility of learning without depending on time or place
2. Discover inter-disciplinary contents
3. Exchange experiences and joint learning

3 facts you will find on the learning-platform OPAL (and many more))
1. Possibility to download your teaching material
2. Possibility to get information related on studies
3. Possibility to find study-groups as well as learning-groups

3 steps for using all the offers on e-learning placed by the TU Dresden
1. Choose your university/ your college on http://tu-dresden.de/opal/ and click on „to the login”.
2. There you enter your user-name („login-identification“) and your password.
Important: Please change your first password before you use OPAL for the first time! – change now...
both information (login-identification as well as the first password) are listed in your transcript.
3. Click on “O.K.”.