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OPAL (online- based platform for academical teachings and learning at universities/ colleges of Saxony) is a centrally used strategic learning-platform of the TU Dresden.

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3. Course elements

Course elements are containers for the contents of the OPAL-courses. Depending on the kind of course element, you will have different structures and various possibilities in creating your own course element.

In the chapter "course editor", you will get information about the establishment of a course element. Furthermore, you will learn how to copy or to move an element and also how to delete a course element if you do not longer make use it. Additionally, general functions and settings (title, description, access, visibility, multilingualism) of all course elements will be explained.

Specific functions of individual course elements will subsequently be described within the corresponding chapter of the element. Within the sections “Frequently used course elements” and “Further course elements”, you will find the particular elements ordered by a chronology in which they appear in OPAL.