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Media Center
Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler
Tel.: +49 351 463-39627
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Educational researches
and educational services

Lars Schenker
Tel.: +49 351 463-35943
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Media and information technology
MZ User-Support
Tel.: +49 351 463-36081
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Lutz Liebert
Tel.: +49 351 463-35012
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Development of organization and the integration of media

Dr. Jörg Neumann
Tel.: +49 351 463-32902
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Audiovisual-based media

Dieter Berger
Tel.: +49 351 463-33910
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Multimedia board
Prof. Dr. Karl Lenz
Pro-vice-chancellor for Education

Centre for Continuing Education
Christina Braun
Mail an christina.braun@tu-dresden.dechristina.braun@tu-dresde...
Tel.: +49 351 463-36320
Fax: +49 351 463-36251


We can give you advices in all your concerns referring to the use of digital-based media in teachings and research. We are able to support your e-learning projects as follows:

  • Range of appropriate scenarios and possible applications
  • Conception and support of the specification of the basic conditions of the organization
  • Realization on a technical and a creative level
  • Coordination of co-operation partners within the process of realization
  • Evaluation of your offers in e-learning including analysing your data and presenting the results

The Media Centre, which is a central academic institute of the Technical University of Dresden, consists of a team of engineers, designers, computer scientists, pedagogues and psychologists with long-time experiences. It is also quoted as research centre as well as a service provider in the field of e-learning, the organization of knowledge/ research and media applications.

Besides the management of the Media Centre by the director Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler it is subdivided in five departments:

  • Educational researches and educational services
  • Media and information technology
  • Media-design
  • Development of organization and the integration of media
  • Audiovisual media